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Health Survey

Doctor's Appointment

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about health concerns in our community. As many of you know, elevated levels of chemicals such as PFAS and 1,4 Dioxane have been detected in our primary water source, the Haw River. While there is some research suggesting significant health impacts of exposure to these chemicals, more research needs to be done in order to draw such conclusions for our community. Information from this survey will help advance this research. We appreciate your participation! This survey should take between 5 and 8 minutes to complete. 


Please share as much or as little information as you are comfortable. NO identifying information from this survey will be shared with others without your explicit consent. We will only share data on the number of reported health issues and anonymous comments from participants. The health information and comments you share will NEVER be associated with you individually, and will NOT be shared publicly. 

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Launching Spring 2023...

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